Arc Hall

  • Arc Hall, West Hoathly, Sussex
    Budget - £120,000
    Status - Completed 2000
    Client - The Hoathly Hill Trust Ltd
    Specialist Sub-contractor
    Structural Engineer
    - Douch Partners Ltd
    - Cowley Structural Timber Works
    - David Tasker
    Awards - Civic Trust Awards mention
    Published - Architects Journal 06.05.04
  • Ark Hall is a kindergarten building which also serves as a community centre for the residents of Hoathly Hill, a co-ownership housing association set up in the 1970’s.  The building has a timber frame made of Kerto and utilizes breathing wall construction with Warmcel re-cycled newsprint insulation.  The plan is conceived as a main space surrounded by ‘pockets’ at a scale appropriate to young children.  A subsidiary space can be opened up to facilitate larger meetings of full sized people.