Rudolf Steiner House

  • Rudolf Steiner House, London
    Budget - £1,000,000
    Status - Completed 2009
    Client - The Anthroposophical Society, Great Britain
    Structural Contractor
    Main Contractor
    Specialist Timber
    - Gifford
    - ITC Concepts Ltd
    - Cowley Timberworks
    Awards - Structural Awards 2009, Award for Small Projects Commendation
  • Rudolf Steiner House was purpose built for The Anthroposophical Society between 1924 and 1935 to designs by Montague Wheeler.  This Grade II listed building is a very rare example in Britain of a variant of early German Expressionism.
    The brief included internal reorganisation to enable the entrance foyer to be used as an exhibition space, the creation of a new café and kitchen in the redundant service yard and the provision of direct access from front of house to backstage areas.  The fire escapes required a comprehensive redesign and the extensive upgrading of M&E systems involved careful non-interventionist re-servicing to the existing brick and mass concrete construction.

    The concept behind the café roof is that it acts as a foil to the monolithic nature of the host building, but works with the same form language using timber technology.  The seven ribbed support structure was pre-fabricated off site with inlays of seven hardwoods as used in Rudolf Steiner’s designs for the first Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.

    Archival research supported the conservation approach to the refurbishment of all the major spaces, which are now returned to the state in which they were originally conceived.