The Forge

Ashurst Wood, West Sussex
2019 - Ongoing

The forge still functions with a coke fired fan-assisted furnace and paint spraying is done in the open yard next to the road. Although local industry is crucial to any community, this activity could now be seen as inappropriate in this location. The situation is now that the operator is due to retire in 2021, and there is no interest from anyone wishing to take on the business. The buildings are not suitable for any other activity and in a poor state or repair – therefore unsuitable for conversion.

The complexity of the site required a radical design solution to avoid privacy issues for the existing cottages and protect the two new houses from road noise. The proposal therefore is for a pair of courtyard houses that are only partially two storey. The flat roof area to each would not be accessible but is covered in sedum for biodiversity and visual amenity.

The project has recently been granted planning permission.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Muneeb Ali Khan, Sophie Woodhatch, George Sinclair
Planning Consultant: DMH Stallard