Coopers Wood


This five bedroomed house lies 5 miles east of East Grinstead and sited within 15 hectares of garden, paddocks and fields. It is set back over 100m from the road and screened by a dense historic woodland. Built in approximately 1923 it originally had a symmetrical plan with arts and crafts influenced detailing in clay tile, brick and metal casement windows. Around 2004 the house was extended with a single storey sitting room to the west end. That consent contained an approved similar extension to the east end, so we modified the detail within the same footprint and created a new kitchen, thereby releasing the convoluted internal arrangement.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Sophie Woodhatch
Contractor: Pople Associates

Photographs by Sophie Woodhatch

  • 01 310 window
  • 02 310 window inside
  • 03 310 bifolds
  • 01 310 section
  • 02 310 structure