Pembroke Crescent


This house is within the Vallance Estate Conservation Area, an architecturally important part of Hove. Built in approximately 1900, the house had suffered from unsympathetic internal modifications and rear extensions. These mainly date from between 1964 and 1998, when it was linked to next door and used as a nursing home. A lift was installed on the east facing gable wall serving both properties, resulting in existing windows being blocked up, cutting out natural light to the stair. The work involved internal upgrades including; utilising the former lift shaft for service rooms, remodelling of the dormers and rear extension and a new glazed side passage.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Sophie Woodhatch, Jen Rawlings, Muneeb Ali Khan
Contractor: Pople Associates

  • 04 308 before
  • 05 308 after
  • 06 308 passage
  • 07 308 passage
  • 05 308 model
  • 01 308 planning plans
  • 308 - 03C
  • 308 - 04C
  • 04 308 section AA