CCTL Garden Rooms

Hammersmith, London

The B&B club is a revenue generator for the church. It is a literal oasis in one of the most polluted parts of London, little more than 100 metres away from the Hammersmith flyover. This little building in the garden is designed to have minimum visual and environmental impact. The flat roof is covered in a sedum matt that encourages biodiversity and reduces rainwater run-off. This is set at the same height as the existing garden wall. The garden fa├žade is clad in Quartz Zinc and Oak rain-screen cladding, materials already used on the new chapel. High standards of insulation reduce energy load and the rooms have background heating provided by an air source heat pump. By using a concrete raft on micro-piles we achieved zero removal of soil from the site and no disturbance to the existing historic building fabric. All building materials were brought in through a 1-metre-wide opening in the garden wall. The garden was re-landscaped utilising excess soil from the dig for the raft.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Serena Evans, Muneeb Ali Khan, Sophie Woodhatch
Structural Engineers: Corbett & Tasker
M&E Engineers: Hydrock
Project Manager: Geoff Haslam of Local Agenda
Quantity Surveyor: David Flower
Contractor: Boom Construction
Garden Designer & Sub-contractor: Tom Ryder

Photographs by Fernando Manoso-Borgas

  • 01 294 front
  • 02 294 front 2
  • 03 294 garden
  • 04 294 side
  • 05 294 Tl house
  • 06 294 interior
  • 07 294 garden above
  • 08 294 garden
  • 09 294 window
  • 10 294 facade
  • 01 294 site plan
  • 02 294 planning elevations
  • 03 294 planning sections
  • 08 294 steel work