Tobias Green

East Grinstead, West Sussex

When Tobias School of Arts and Therapy moved to largely part time courses, its student hostel became redundant. This and the studio building are the only built work in the UK by the Danish architect Erik Assmussen (1913 – 1998), whose main work is all in Jarna, south of Stockholm. To raise funds to secure it future, the school asked us to convert the hostel into small residential units and later to gain permission to build five three bedroomed houses in a row to complete the overall site development plan. The entire complex is heated by a wood fired boiler, housed in its own communally owned building.

The terrace houses are constructed of 300mm Porotherm clay bocks overclad with mineral fibre insulation and either render or local chestnut. Each house has an integrated solar thermal array to reduce load on the boiler.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Serena Evans, Muneeb Ali Khan
Structural Engineers: Corbett & Tasker
Contractor: Douch Partners
Awards: Sussex Heritage Trust Mid-Scale Residential Award 2018
Mid Sussex District Council Design Award

Photographs by Nic Pople

  • 261 Tobias Green back
  • 261 Tobias Green back garden
  • 261 Tobias Green crescent
  • 261 Tobias Green front
  • 261 Tobias Green end
  • 261 Tobias Green topping out
  • 261 Tobias Green model
  • 261-35 details 1-13
  • 261 Tobias Green elevations & section
  • 261 Tobias Green first floor plan
  • 261 Tobias Green ground floor plan
  • 261 Tobias Green N&S elevations
  • 261 Tobias Green site plan
  • 261 Tobias Green Sketch