Christian Community Canterbury New Chapel


This small chapel occupies a garden at the end of a terrace of Victorian houses in a Conservation Area. The design evolved through a series of interactive workshops with the congregation and the priest and the shape evolved from the form of the human heart.

The plan form is generated by the very restricted site and the requirement to orientate the altar in the east. The community room is a golden mean proportion of the chapel.

The complex geometry of folded plates of the chapel and community room are achieved using prefabricated structurally insulated panel (SIP) system. This lightweight construction allows for shallow footings and compliance with archaeological restrictions.

Design Team: Nic Pople, Serena Evans, Helen Springthorpe
Structural Engineer: David Tasker of Giffords
Quantity Surveyor: Patrick Cooke
Contractor: Coombes of Canterbury
SIP panels and framing: Cowleys Structural Timberworks

  • 218 CC Canterbury entrance
  • 218 CC Canterbury chapel
  • 218 CC Canterbury doors